• Jacinta Feeley

Messages From Beyond

Greetings dear one, it is I, The Divine Director who is speaking with you on this day. I’ve come to shed some light over all the changes and shifts that have been occurring for yourself and many others on their journey.

What I must say first is that you are all moving into a lighter more advanced frequency which, in some of you, have had old stories arise, ones that you thought you had released. It is important to see not only how far you have come on your journey, but also to see the truth in that which you had perceived to be a block or hindrance in the past. It needn’t matter now as you are granted the opportunity to reflect objectively at your old self with no judgement.

These shifts and changes are for the soul’s evolution process and one to be honoured. This is not a demand, it is a guiding voice to honour, to honour your sacred soul, and if that means for you to spend time breathing in nature, do so. Trust what it is you are guided to do. When you allow yourself to enter your heart with no judgement miracles can occur.

Perhaps you feel the need to rest or perhaps you feel guided to exercise. It doesn’t matter what you choose, what matters is that you choose. That you are listening to your inner guidance, your soul’s message. Sometimes one just needs to allow or welcome peace into their lives, simply turning off your technical devices can help restore that peace.

There is a variation in the formation of physically seen planets and those that are unseen. Like your sense and knowing of the changing of the guard with your guides, it is also happening at a universal level. This is not to be alarmed, it just is. Some guidelines or recommendations I would su