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Weekly Energy Theme 01/01/2021 by Jacinta Feeley

During my #naturewalk to gain insight for this week’s energy theme, I couldn’t help but see so many branches, both large and small strewn everywhere – a result of intense stormy weather here in Melbourne, actually across Victoria! Clearly our patience was being tested last week with the storm which felt very strongly connected to everyone’s reaction to the current state of affairs.

I must admit there is something very special about feeling the roar of thunder and seeing lightening strike. To me it always feels like an awakening of revelations and cleansing. Everything is put into perspective when we experience the natural forces at play – our dramas can seem so little, petty even.

So, moving into this week after experiencing the shake-up of Mother Earth, it was at this particular tree, which you can see in the picture, who shared with me the fact that many of us have been releasing and letting go of old hurts, stories, and expectations.

I thought this is great, however I was promptly guided to share that many have forgotten the fundamental lesson in releasing anything - which is, to return it back to the oneness and not leave it behind to hijack, clutter and fester in someone else’s energy!

Being quite sensitive to energy I always pick up on the debris left behind and seeing all the branches like this I felt a strong sense that a clean-up is in order. Not only the obvious mess that can happen after an actual storm, but also a clean-up of all aspects of ourselves including our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Have you been focussing on others and neglecting yourself, your needs? Have you been avoiding clearing out anything you don’t need? Whatever you have been going through, know that you are enough, that your ancestors, your elders will guide you along the way. Remember great wisdom often comes from difficult times.

Let’s all clean up our act and be mindful. Perhaps doing a spring clean in all areas of your life like decluttering the house, clearing up your emails, spending time in nature, and remembering to actually breathe!

Call in your spirit team and ask them to send any energetic debris back to the oneness and, if you need extra help, feel free to listen to any of my healing audio's either here or on youtube - or you can always ask the trees to help. The #standingones (the trees) left me in ore after the storm, as a reminder they are always available to provide strength and wisdom for those who seek it.

Affirm: I remember to clean up after myself when I let things go

Have a great week, sending love, light and grace to all.

Jacinta Feeley 😇

The Urban Shaman

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Image by @jacinta_urban_shaman

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