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Weekly Energy Theme by Jacinta Feeley

As I ventured outside on my #naturewalk to gain insight for this week’s energy theme, I was advised that you may feel more sensitive than normal so will need to be patient with yourself and others - and even set some boundaries!

I was called to head towards a group of large rocks I had driven past the previous day. On my journey I firstly noticed some snails and one had been crushed. In my concern I thought I should help the other get across the path before it also was crushed with the heavy traffic. To my dismay, even though I barely touched the snail its outer shell crumbled. I was horrified! To me that was a clear sign of our sensitivities but also a reminder to not hurry people along, that each soul has their own journey to travel.

It’s also important to be patient as our country begins to open up. You may feel excited and anxious in the same breath. I would encourage you to set some boundaries which I was promptly taught by #magpie as it swooped me! This has never happened to me so clearly was a strong message for the collective to pay attention.

Magpies generally represent the importance of balancing your masculine and feminine aspects within, but additionally on this occasion, it strongly reminded me of how people are feeling at the moment - fearful, territorial and overwhelmed - which I have clearly noticed on the roads - have people forgotten how to drive!

As I arrived and sat upon the rocks, I felt tremendous peace, gratitude and a sense of being fully grounded. I could feel the divine pour through me and into the rocks which revealed their true form. So much light and love as I witnessed this dance between our Mother Earth and the universe. Any worries or concerns just fell away. It was then that I was called to mention that our divine pathway is unravelling, we just need to be patient!

And given I observed a male wren dance around me after this encounter suggested that it’s time to invite joy back and have trust in ourselves.

Affirm: "I am patient and allow the pathway to reveal itself in DIVINE TIME".

Helping you connect to nature is part of my calling and I love sharing the messages I receive, as a way to teach you how to do it on your own. Before I even step out the door I always set an intention to seek guidance for the collective, and by using all my senses, I am flooded with a stream of messages and signs from nature. I was sharing regularly on the social media platforms however with all the craziness and discrepancies regarding them, I thought I would begin using my website from now on. I will continue to use them, just in less detail.

Have a great week, sending love, light and grace to all.

Jacinta 😇

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Jacinta Feeley

The Urban Shaman

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