• Jacinta Feeley


Have you ever felt mesmerised by a dragonfly? From their shimmering colour, to the way they hover and then quickly dart off in another direction? I know I have. Each time I see a dragonfly I feel a special connection and message. This will vary slightly each time however generally speaking, dragonfly represents the need to make a decision quickly and embrace change. I experienced this personally when my son’s father hand crafted a stainless-steel dragonfly to propose to me. Granted the message was far more powerful than I realised at the time and even though we are no longer married this clearly represented significant change!

It was during a meditation where Dragonfly took me on a journey over water, as they naturally do – darting here and there – almost making me feel a little dizzy! As we travelled together, I saw dragonfly enter me and move around my body like they did over the water. Dragonfly’s movement was quick and agile. Their movement purposeful as they stirred within my body and began turning switches on that had been turned off. These switches represented aspects of myself ready to be awakened to my higher purpose. I know this may sound strange but I felt incredibly supported and safe during this experience.

Whatever the reason Dragonfly has drawn your attention today perhaps the following message I channelled is for you: