“Jacinta has a warm, open-hearted and powerful approach as she guides intuitively.”
Colorado, USA
"I've always known about my spiritual side but it hasnt been something I've tapped into. Due to circumstances this year I felt compelled to see Jacinta. The last few months has been an amazing experience working with her. After our first session it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. It was truely a life changing experience. As my journey continues I know Jacinta will be there to be my guiding light. She's a caring and supportive person and I can't recommend her enough." Melbourne, Australia
"I had the most mind blowing intuitive reading and healing from the amazing Jacinta. I am feeling so incredibly grateful. So open and so so so ready for the unfolding." Ballarat, Australia
“Wow! Thank you for the amazing session. I rewatched the video and researched all the things that came up. Sargon was an ancient ruler, probably the first king on Earth. Keeping balanced, being nomadic and water all featured in what I found about the number 5, Archangel Gabriel. Andromeda, etc. I feel very centred and grounded, but also light, energised and focused. Andromedians are healers and scientists, and feel things in their solar plexus - they need to focus and develop this skill before they can see things with the 3rd eye. I have always felt emotions and reactions in my stomach so it all resonates with me. I woke this morning at six and was drawn to my window. I could see the resent moon low in the sky and a really bright light above it. I got my phone and went closer to the window to photograph it. Then I started to video. As I watched the light moved upwards away from the moon. The starship was sent to visit us. Wow. Such a massive few days. Love and light." Melbourne, Australia
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Magick that took place today. You are a true goddess. I haven't felt this peaceful since I don't know when. Melbourne, Australia

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