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Woof Woof - Welcome Dog Year

Anubis, aka "Annie" testing the crystal grid work :)

Who is excited? I definitely am. To be honest I'm not quite sure where the Rooster Year went, or 2017!! What I do know is, so much learning, clearing and breaking down old belief systems occurred for many. Yes this threw some major curve balls for some, but remember the wiser we become the more empowered we become! You can thank the Rooster for helping shine a light on "everything" no longer congruent with the new, lighter you.

Ok so let's talk about what The Year of the Brown Earth Dog is all about. I am not an expert in Chinese Astrology but I have a strong connection to animals and can certainly feel the changes its bringing already, even though it doesn't officially enter until mid February 2018.

For those of you who are blessed to have a dog as a family member benefit from their loyal and loving nature. Dog's absolutely love their creature comforts and can also have a tendency to be like a "dog at a bone" when they have their mind set on something!

Get ready for an adventure with the Brown Earth Dog as its about to take off. If you think you will have time to rest, think again, as I'm being shown it will accelerate any ideas you had perculating in your mind into action, hence "dog at a bone"!!

Being a brown earth dog feels very strong and grounded which will bring a solid foundation to any of your projects.

What I also found interesting was that the Dog occupies the 11th position in the 12-Year-Cycle of Chinese astrology and 2018 when broken down equals 11 (i.e. 2+0+1+8 = 11). Put them together it forms 11.11 which heralds new beginnings at a higher level so stay positive! The 11.11 also represents unity, a balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine, for those on their twin flame journey.

Annie resting her head on the entire crystal flower of life I made x

In conclusion, before finishing up I wanted to share these pictures of Annie, originally named Anubis due to her colouring. I usually create all sorts of crystal grids and this particular one was under my healing table where I found Annie. With the energy of the dog year I believe it is a timely reminder of the importance to set aside time and space for healing and rejuvenation. Animals really do know what they need, try listening using all your senses to understand.

With Love and Light to you all

Jacinta xox

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