• Jacinta Feeley

Woof Woof - Welcome Dog Year

Anubis, aka "Annie" testing the crystal grid work :)

Who is excited? I definitely am. To be honest I'm not quite sure where the Rooster Year went, or 2017!! What I do know is, so much learning, clearing and breaking down old belief systems occurred for many. Yes this threw some major curve balls for some, but remember the wiser we become the more empowered we become! You can thank the Rooster for helping shine a light on "everything" no longer congruent with the new, lighter you.

Ok so let's talk about what The Year of the Brown Earth Dog is all about. I am not an expert in Chinese Astrology but I have a strong connection to animals and can certainly feel the changes its bringing already, even though it doesn't officially enter until mid February 2018.

For those of you who are blessed to have a dog as a family member be