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Let Go And Grow – a Wolf’s Message

Feeling very blessed when visited by this beautiful Wolf Animal Spirit during my morning meditation. If you are reading this message, it is for you:

“You have journeyed so far but have somehow forgotten your sense of wonder in the world you live in, plagued by memories of the past and of the future. You neglect your present circumstances, you neglect where you are right now. You are a soldier on this planet, working with the collective to bring peace and harmony. You must never forget the importance of that role, for many of you at this time, are distracted by the current energy, the current intensity of the energy. When that occurs, remember to connect within, remember to connect your roots to the planet you chose to be on, for when you do that, we are all able to work together, connecting with the earth and the universe. See, many are anchors of the essence of the light from source, and I'm using the word source because that is a term that is common to many. By connecting all that is you bring back that sense of wonder in your immediate surroundings. You see the bird singing away, you see the ants busily tending to their team. Do not doubt your role on Earth. See, everybody has a purpose, every living creature has a purpose, and I'm here to remind you that we must walk again together so we can continue to share the message of the universe, continue to share the importance of connecting to your homeland. We all belong here, even though some of you feel that you do not. The only reason you have felt that you had not belonged is because you have not anchored yourself in. It is something that is so simple to do. Even just placing your bare feet on the ground, on the natural ground, not concrete, not timber (flooring), but go stand on the natural, the natural ground. There are many shifts taking place at present, many within the next couple of weeks which may feel surprising to some, but not to others. These shifts are helping the elevation of each person's journey, each persons soul-consciousness.

I urge you all to open your hearts during this time because it is important to release old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. We have reached the ending of a long journey. Many of you are still feeling the effects of what the year presented to you. Honour those experiences whether they have been perceived as good or bad, as they have all served you well on growing, learning and evolving. Do not question the process, for questioning the process continues to keep you stuck in the old mindset. It is important to set boundaries on what you invite into your life, but that needs to be according to your highest good.

Remember to take time on your own and listen to what your body is telling you. Your body has significant messages for you, just listen. The voice will not be different, but it will be your own internal dialogue telling you what's going on. This awakening is taking place because it is important more than ever to acknowledge what your body is consuming whether physically or energetically. Remember that everything you consume has energy. If you consume an apple that has been deemed and forsaken in a negative way, like what happened in the seven dwarfs, you will continue to think that you are being poisoned, but is it the external that is poisoning us or is it our internal dialogue that is poisoning us? Listen because what your internal dialogue is as it's creating the external situations that are occurring in your life. So in saying that, I once again suggest that you take time these coming holidays to sit in peace with yourself, to spend some quiet time talking to your body, talking to any aches or pains that are presenting themselves. As when you do that you will start to understand what it is you are creating and what your role has been in these aches and pains, whether you have invited a negative energy into your space, or a negative person. Just remember to honour your true essence as life is forever changing.” (Message Trance Channeled by Jacinta on the 19th December 2016)

Love and light to you all xx

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