• Jacinta Feeley

Clearing Blocks - Full Moon Technique

How to clear blocks

During a special trance evening at Eternal Love Healing Centre in Officer late last year, we were all blessed as I Trance Channeled a message from Master Thoth. The following is just a small portion of the entire channeling experience but one I feel quite relevant as we move into 2017.

During the channeling a member of the group asked this question: How can each and everyone strengthen themself in order to stand in their power? This is Thoth's response:

“The first step is believing, believing that it is possible, and the next step is loving. Knowing that you are worthy to be loved, that you are able to love, and that you are able to give love. You just have to believe that it is possible.”

Thoth further outlined a technique you can do during any full moon:

“The moonlight is anchoring into your body as I speak. Visualise that beautiful beam of light coming down through your Crown Chakra into your body. The Moons Ray is removing all those blocks within your body as it enters. Finding all those dark spots that you have hidden within your body, saving for rainy day it appears!