• Jacinta Feeley

Embrace Your Inner Power & Strength

Today's #thinkingthursday message from the Wolf is a reminder to follow your intuition, that gut instinct you naturally have and sometimes forget/neglect to use! Yes we are all guilty of that!

Try closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and call upon all your guides and especially the Wolf to be around you. While in this peaceful state you may wish to ask a question or just be open to receiving a message. Wolf encourages you to use this time to look within, to your shadow and see the learning being brought forward into the light of day. Do you actually fear being lonely or is it you fear your inner power and strength? Or perhaps you feel unworthy of it? Relax and allow a message to formulate in your mind. It may be an impression, a picture, a feeling or sensation cross over your body. This is not to be feared but one to be embraced.