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A Weeds Message

With spring in the air and the sun shining we all feel more motivated to get things done. The classic ‘spring clean out’ is essential for your mind, body and soul and should not be understated. This is not just about physically de-cluttering your home and surroundings, but also looking within and at the people you have attracted into your life.

Spring certainly encourages growth and I’m sure most of you have experienced looking at your garden and noticing it had been taken over by weeds!! With this feeling in mind, start to contemplate what message the Weed is telling you.

Firstly it’s important to understand that Weeds, in general, serve to protect the soil but do have a side effect of taking important nutrients from plants. Therefore the Weed clearly reminds us that it is important to take stock at where we are at and look at our surroundings on all levels. Interesting right?

Lets first look at those physical items you have had in your shed for years, do you actually need them or do you think someone else could benefit? Or maybe it’s your home that is full of unnecessary items, causing you to feel suffocated (like the plants)? The reality is if we don’t let go of ‘things’ we block the natural in and out flow of energy, not to mention wasting space! What are you trying to fill up? Perhaps you have come from a lack mindset, which potentially started several generations back? Or have you experienced a loss and are trying to fill it up?

Now lets consider the people you have attracted into your life. Are they inspiring you? Are they there for you when you need someone? Are they draining you, like the weed taking all your nutrients from the plants? Or are they constantly taking or trying to control you? In any relationship if there is an imbalance of giving and receiving it’s pretty clear that’s a sign of how you feel about yourself.

By acknowledging the Weeds role in your life, you will begin to see how far you have come on your soul journey, and any areas you need to focus on. The Weeds message is clearly inspiring reminds you to not get complacent with protecting yourselves, that you are worthy and constantly growing and evolving.

Let’s all get moving and heed the Weeds message of clearing out the clutter, mind, body and spirit. The time really is now to start clearing out anything that no longer serves you. In addition, according to numerology we are also in a 9-year, which is about endings. So the time really is now and regardless of where you are at, as a healer, I am available for consultation if you need a little extra help.

With Love, Light, and Peace

Jacinta xx

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