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Clear Toxic Energy

Every day life can energetically expose us to many different situations and people, and they don’t even have to be physically with us to cause us grief! Perhaps you have an "energy vampire" around you, a person who leaves you totally exhausted! Even turning on the TV can send you into a state of sadness or fear as you witness some terrible deed. This is why one of the main questions I am asked during my sessions is “how can I clear my energy?”

It’s simple! Visualise our Sun (a ball of golden light) in your tummy, and allow it to grow bigger and bigger until you are totally engulfed in this beautiful light. It has the power to dissolve negative energy so why not place it in your home, and for extra goodness, visualise Mother Earth engulfed by this golden ball of light!!

I know this may sound simple but try it for yourself, not just once, do it daily, or as much as you need to. Life doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it! Overall it doesn’t matter what technique you use, what matters is that you understand we all impact on each other, either positively or negatively, what do you choose?

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