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Expand Your Consciousness With The Melchizedek Method Levels 1 & 2 Workshop

The Melchizedek Method is a series of meditations, activations and healing techniques assisting in raising ones consciousness and vibration, completing both personal and planetary ascension and being of service to others. These ascension techniques were taught to humanity by Sirian Ascended Masters in the days of ancient Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.

As part of the workshop you will be given a manual with instructions and practices for all phases of the workshop. Upon completion one becomes a certified practitioner enabling one to incorporate all phases of the workshop to ones own practices and healing sessions with others. The Melchizedek Method also gives one the opportunity to gather with like-minded souls while co-creating unity consciousness, healing together as a group and being of service for the greater good.

Level 1 brings a revolutionary new form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Includes light body activation, holographic healing, body rejuvenation and activates ancient knowledge.

Level 2 continues and introduces advancement of level 1 techniques. You will be introduced to an extraordinary array of masterful wisdoms to allow participants to take another quantum leap into their evolution. Includes amplifying the 33rd degree energies with rotational light rays. Teleportation, cosmic thought patterning, re directing elements to enhance your reality.

When: 28th & 29th April and 12th & 13th May, 2018

Where: Pascoe Vale, Victoria

Cost: $555

Bookings and a deposit is essential as Manuals need to be ordered so please contact Jacinta on 0419 563 830 to register.

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