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Duration = 1 hour (choose this for a deeper healing)


Jacinta is highly sensitive to energy, which enables her the ability to assess where the disharmony is in your body/field, and what needs to be done in order to restore peace and balance within.


As an Energy Alchemist, an individual who can help you transform things for the better, Jacinta will help you identify and consciously understand what is impacting you, and how to let whatever it is go. Possible inside and outside influences impacting you:

  • people (whether they are living or not);
  • places you have visited, your home, workplace etc;
  • other-lifetimes or existences (some people use past-lives, however this term has become limiting as understanding of the universe has evolved);
  • karmic and genetic behavioural patterns or ties can materialise as the energy of not being worthy, attracting unhealthy relationships etc. Karmic influences are when you come into this lifetime with baggage from an other lifetime, and genetic infuences is when a negative emotion of a past relative travels down your family tree;
  • other dimensions, realities, non-beneficial energies, spells, curses, contracts etc


Ultimately it’s about owning “your stuff” and learning how to release those old stories and connections that have been stored in your body creating dis-ease. It has become increasingly clear that if we don't clear our energy, our body can become toxic, and even physicalise an ailment. Don't worry Jacinta will guide you and give you easy ways to help you regularly clear your energy and take charge of your own wellbeing.


The time really is now to start “clearing out” your physical, spiritual and emotional selves. It was the famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, who suggested that each of us writes the story of our lives through our thoughts, our deeds, and our interactions with the rest of creation. By “clearing out” you can begin to create a more positive life experience.


For more information Jacinta utilises a combination of:

  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Reiki,
  • The Melchizedek Method,
  • Esoteric Acupuncture,
  • Medical Intuition,
  • Selenite Swords of Light 
  • Additional informational may be brought forward through Psychic, Mediumship, Trance Channeling, Spirit Guides, Genetic and Other-Lives, Sounds of Light Language as guided during the session.


All services are online through FaceTime until further notice.


Please make your payment either:

- checkout, or

- scanning the QR code, or

- follow this link 


Then contact Jacinta to secure your booking time. Thank you.

Medical Intuition Reading - Soul Healing

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