FREE as my gift to you. 


This guided visualisation healing transmission occured during The Ancients Circle Healing Community, which is a zoom online space Jacinta created for those awakening ones needing some extra support, and also for those awakened ones drawn to be of service to the planet.


This community is open to all who feel called to attend. Feel free to contact me if this calls you. 


Our healing community is monthly on Thursday at 7:15pm (Melbourne, Australian time), where Jacinta takes you on a journey for self and planetry healing. For those of you who have never experienced Jacinta's work, she is all about empowering you by bringing your awareness to your own insight, abilities and healing power. Jacinta is a conduit for Spirit with the ability to speak the language of the stars and trees, which you will experience during her healing transmissions.


There is no set fee for the Community Circle however if you feel called to donate to suport Jacinta's ongoing work please use the following square link:



Do not listen to this meditation while operating machinery. 


Guided Visualisation for Healing Transmission by Jacinta Feeley 28/01/2021