• Jacinta Feeley

The Ancients Healing Group

Feeling energetically drained, blocked, and disconnected from Spirit? With the current state of affairs I was guided quite strongly to create a #healing space for those #awakening ones needing some extra support, and also for those #awakened ones drawn to being of service to the planet.

The Ancients Healing Group is online via Zoom where you are given the opportunity to experience healing, and what it's like to be of service, to honour your deep calling. For those of you who have never experienced my work, I'm all about empowering you, by bringing your awareness to your own insight, abilities, and healing power for not only yourself but also our sacred planet. I am a conduit for Spirit with the ability to speak the language of the stars and the trees which you will experience during this healing transmission. Given this there is no doubt it will vary each week, depending on who is joining in, both physically and spiritually!

As The Facilitator of The Ancients Healing Group I will:

  • Be open Thursday’s at 7:15pm (currently weekly - always let me know your coming just in case).

  • Create a powerful protection grid to enable you to feel safe as you navigate a healing experience.

  • Assess the needs and current themes of the group

  • Guide you on a journey where you will connect with spirit to help you realign with your own sacredness and healing. This will vary each time as guided by Spirit.