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Redback Spider's Message

I love all creatures on our beautiful planet so it was no surprise when I stumbled across this sometimes misunderstood soul.

As I was outside this morning I was presented with a beautiful message. A Redback Spider had been weaving her web in my guinea pigs drink container! It would be easy for one to fear such a little creature but I found myself curious as to this visitation. The following is the message I received and if you are reading this it is for you:

"Dearest child, you have been overthinking certain aspects of your life. In order to have clarity you must let go and not hold so tightly onto old ways of thinking. It is you alone that can make this shift as you are already doing it. I come to you upon this day to share my wisdom of creation within your life. Stop holding the thought of creating and then abandoning. This is fruitless as in order to create we must allow all pieces of the creation to come together and sometimes that is about putting it aside for awhile.

Life is coming together the way it is meant too, which does not mean that you stop creating. What it does mean is you have a say in how you experience certain inevitable situations. It is important that humans understand their energy and how they impact on others. By doing this it will allow for more transmutation to take place and humans to evolve as a result. This is my message in essence.

I have seldom approached people in the past, as my message was not understood as I was boxed into the general meaning of a spider. Each species is unique and our messages are unique. It’s time to understand life and the universe in a deeper way. No longer holding onto surface concepts but delving in deep to unlock all that wisdom within. Thank you for taking the time to share my wisdom, as I am truly grateful."

Love and light to you all xx

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