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Finding Your Way

I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to a very dear friend/teacher/mentor, Valda Gardiner, who has just recently left the Earth Plane to continue her work in spirit.

Val, a very powerful psychic and healer, was one of those characters that would make you laugh, inspire, and challenge you. It was Val who knew that there was something very special in me, even though at the time I didn’t believe it myself. I have always had the belief, that the student always finds the teacher when they are ready, so it was timely that I met Val during my early teenage years. I had always felt different. Having the ability to see, hear and feel spirit from a young age would at times leave me confused and misunderstood. Those younger years were particularly challenging, as I was like that little boy from the Sixth Sense, trying to hide under the sheets from all those ghosts/spirits! To me, Val was like a cloak of protection, nurturing my ability so I no longer held fear with it.

With Val’s passing I was reminded that it is safe to shine our light as many souls are awakening right now. We are all ready, especially those who are already on their spiritual path. It is almost selfish of us to hide behind the veil of illusion that we are not good enough or worthy. That is our lower-self/ego trying to dim our light and sabotage our growth! We were blessed with Archangel Michael during last Saturdays Group Channeling event, who reminded us all that the Angels love us no matter what we have or haven’t done and that it is time for us to love ourselves the same way.

Mother Earth needs those leading the way to step up and help those who are struggling to find their own light. If you are reading this I am talking to you and yes that includes me!! Love & Light to you all.

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