• Jacinta Feeley

Twin Flame Awakening and the relationship to the Cosmic Heart Centre

I was promptly reminded by the glorious Archangel Raphael on a hectic Monday morning to stop and connect to the Cosmic Heart Centre! Here is his message:

Greetings all on this day. I’ve come to remind everybody to remember to focus on themselves. I see countless people using others as a form to gratify themselves, looking externally for healing as opposed to healing internally. What I mean by this, is that there are many people who have forgotten that they are the most powerful healers of themselves. All us Angels and Higher Beings are placed in a position, to help remind you of your own internal healing ability of yourself. But it is free will that chooses, so it’s up to you if you choose to focus on you, or focus on everybody else to fill you up. But we know that focusing on everyone else will not fill you up!

Spend time each day focusing on your heart centre. Checking in to see where it is at and clearing anything that is not congruent with your higher self. A very simple process is to stand in the light. It is very easy to visualise, or pl