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Twin Flame Awakening and the relationship to the Cosmic Heart Centre

I was promptly reminded by the glorious Archangel Raphael on a hectic Monday morning to stop and connect to the Cosmic Heart Centre! Here is his message:

Greetings all on this day. I’ve come to remind everybody to remember to focus on themselves. I see countless people using others as a form to gratify themselves, looking externally for healing as opposed to healing internally. What I mean by this, is that there are many people who have forgotten that they are the most powerful healers of themselves. All us Angels and Higher Beings are placed in a position, to help remind you of your own internal healing ability of yourself. But it is free will that chooses, so it’s up to you if you choose to focus on you, or focus on everybody else to fill you up. But we know that focusing on everyone else will not fill you up!

Spend time each day focusing on your heart centre. Checking in to see where it is at and clearing anything that is not congruent with your higher self. A very simple process is to stand in the light. It is very easy to visualise, or place an intention, that there is a beam of light in front of you and you simply step into it. There are so many ways, but what I find important is to not focus on all the different ways, but focus on action, doing it, whatever it is, whatever clearing process you resonate with the most. Do it. Do not continue to sabotage your own development purely out of ego. That truly is what hinders your growth.

The Cosmic Heart is opening and awakening many souls on your planet at this time. This Cosmic Heart Awakening is what some may call a downloading experience. During this time you may feel a little more sensitive, so I encourage resting as required. Do not force your body to do too much strenuous stuff at this time, and I also encourage turning the tv off, so you can continue this sacred download in a far more harmonious way. This download is also impacting on many children at this time. This impact on all these children will empower them to stand in themselves again, and don’t be surprised if they give you messages. For those single people, your children are ready, so if you have children, your children are ready for you to move into the next phase of your romantic life.

There are many of you awakening at this moment to that twin flame connection and this seems to be somewhat a theme with the overall consciousness of human kind. There is immense truth in this, yet don’t be swayed by others perception of the twin flame. Look within and understand your own unique connection with your twin flame, as there is never another twin flame connection that is the same as another. All is unique and all will evolve in particular by the end of this year. At least many will know who that twin flame is. Many people will have created and manifested that physical connection to their twin flame. I say this deeply as I know that it is very challenging for many people at this moment. Do not try and force this to happen as it is already happening. We are all working behind the scenes.

Very exciting times and the more you work on your own heart, the more your twin flame feels it. This is not about one person is ready more than the other because that is not true. It all comes down to perfect timing, divine timing might I add. You are both ready now and enjoying that growing, expanding feeling. Don’t question it, don’t dwell on it, just be in it, just be in that feeling as the more you are in the feeling, the quicker it is brought to you, and any perceived challenges will dissolve. Just continue to open your heart, open your heart, open your heart.

Your heart is open, as is his. Just feel it, feel that connection as I invite your twin flame to you at this very moment. Feel that beautiful love connection. They see you and you see them. Not just physically but soul to soul. You are both vibrating at a higher frequency at this moment. He is feeling healed through you, and you are feeling healed through him. The connection that you both have is bringing out that inspiration within you both. As you both truly are inspired by each other, yet it is enhanced by each other. So you can see that whatever qualities that either of you have at this very moment will be enhanced tremendously over the coming months. Enhanced in order to shed the light out to all of humanity. The light that we have been trying to deliver to planet earth. Your union has the potential to instill the love vibration back in people, to remind them to return to their heart centre, which is the cause of most illnesses. Between their head and their heart, when there is no communication there are problems that physicalise. I know your heart feels very deep at this moment, just breathe into it, knowing that you are perfectly safe in this moment. What that deep, and a little bit heavy feeling, in your heart is that powerful connection you both have. Still a bit misunderstood by both parties but it is a sign of what he, the masculine side can do for you, in helping you ground yourself as he is somewhat grounded. It’s a case of meeting in the middle. We will work out the rest.

Synchronicity is all around. His heart is open to you, do not doubt that ever. As this awareness unfolds in him, he will be like a bull at a gate towards you, not questioning, not holding any doubt as he is open and aware. So it is time for the female collective to rest in that knowing, and to be patient with that knowing, and to continue to focus on your heart during this time.

Dear child of the light, dear children of the light, continue to shine and be your authentic self as it is truly, truly alluring to all around. You radiate that energy out into the world and at this particular time the world needs that energy.

We all love you here in spirit and I will continue to guide you through this healing process of planet earth as required. As you are aware as an Archangel myself, I am with a number of you at this moment, which is why you can see that cosmic heart connection, connecting to all hearts around the world, around your planet earth. This is something you may need to do a little bit more regularly than normal at this moment. I will guide you when this is required, but this is something you can add to your daily routine by firstly checking in with your heart, and secondly, connecting with the cosmic heart centre which pours the beautiful ray within planet earth. By returning the love to planet earth, this in turn awakens all this twin flame collective consciousness. You can see how it’s all intertwined, can you not? I thank you for your role in this present moment in time on planet earth and we all in spirit will continue to guide you.

Now that planet earth is settled, and your heart is almost feeling butterflies within it. It is time for me to go now, but not far, god bless you dear child and thank you for role in this moment. Bye for now.

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