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Release Your Ex(s)

Easy said than done, right!? We can be travelling fine until we hear a song reminding us of “that person”, or we go to a place where we have been with “that person”, the list goes on!! I’m not sure why ‘us humans’ do this but if we want to attract the right partner, or elevate our current relationship to a higher level, we need to get rid of all the baggage (or at least some)!! The following technique is designed to start the process and can be done as often as you like.

See yourself standing on the beach looking out to the ocean, which is calm and inviting. The sky is blue and the sand is warm under your feet. Now call upon all previous relationships where there is still a negative attachment. At this stage some of you may see a lot of people join you on the beach! Then, picture a big energetic wave engulf everyone, taking away all the debris, and people. You may feel a sense of peace wash over you as you allow those past relationships release. Take a nice deep breath and be grateful for this experience, in particular to yourself for allowing this process of letting go occur.

Remember that the Ocean is abundant and will only take away that which is not congruent with your higher self. By doing this we create a clean slate for us all to move forward. Enjoy :)

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