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I help those ready to upgrade their connection to spirit, raise frequency for our planet, and be of service. 


Jacinta has always had a strong connection to spirit since a young age. She possesses the ability to see, hear, and feel spirit, and has learned to harness her abilities to help others. She believes that everyone has a unique inner self that is trying to emerge amidst the distractions and challenges of life. Her mission is to empower people to take charge of their lives and make positive changes.

Jacinta's healing, readings, workshops, and groups aim to inspire individuals to embrace their uniqueness and find harmony within themselves. She has been described as having antlers that reach up to higher realms, and roots that delve deep into the earth. This balance allows her to draw from ancient wisdom and connect with the universe.

Nature is where Jacinta feels most at home. She is grateful for all the creatures on Mother Earth, and believes they deliver messages from spirit. Pets are particularly important messengers and mirrors of our inner selves. She has over 20 years of experience working in education, welfare, fitness, and alternative health industries, catering to all aspects of self and age groups.

Jacinta has studied various healing techniques, including Shamanism, Geomancy, Medical Intuition, Usui Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, and the Melchizedek Method. She does not see herself as a fortune-teller, but rather as a guide and empowerer who can help people navigate past, present, and possible future situations. She believes that our minds are powerful, and we have the ability to manifest what we put our minds to.


Jacinta's blog and posts offer additional guidance, and she is available for personal consultations. She believes that we are the best healers of ourselves, but sometimes we need a little help. In conclusion, Jacinta's message is one of love and light, and she aims to inspire individuals to find harmony within themselves and connect with the universe.

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Melbourne, Australia
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