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I help those ready to upgrade their connection to spirit, raise frequency for our planet, and be of service. 


Jacinta Feeley, originally from country Victoria, Australia, has always believed in the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Having grown up in an active sporting family it was natural for Jacinta to have played a number of sports, especially soccer where she reached state level. During that time what became very clear, is if your mind doesn’t match your ability, you will plateau in whatever area in your life you are focussing on. With the increase in the obesity rate and bullying issues, especially in children, it is important more than ever to view yourself with kindness and to tend to your self-worth. Ultimately it's about tapping into the individual's will to want to be well in order for them to live a more healthy and rewarding lifestyle. 

From a young age Jacinta's connection to spirit was strong, with the ability to see, hear, and feel spirit. At the time it was difficult, as she often felt misunderstood and judged, however learned to harness those abilities and is now helping others. Jacinta believes that our inner uniqueness is desperately trying to shine through all the clutter in our lives. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to grow and evolve with the knowing that it really is ok to be different, and Jacinta spent many years learning that simple lesson! Whether you experience her healings, readings, groups, or workshops, you will be left feeling more empowered to take charge of your life and make your own changes. Jacinta has been described, like the stag, with her antlers reaching up to higher realms, and like a Tree, with her roots reaching deep down into our sacred Mother Earth. This balance of harmonic alignment above and below enables her to draw upon ancient wisdom and speak the native tongue of the universe.

Jacinta feels most at home in nature, with the Trees, the Clouds, the Animals, and all the creatures upon Mother Earth, viewing all these treasures with gratitude and kindness. All deliver us with signs from spirit, we just need to stop, listen, sense and feel what the message is! For those with fur (or not so furry) babies, our animals are our messengers and present as mirrors to us so if your pet becomes ill, always be sure to check in with what part of you is in need of healing.

With over 20 years experience working in Education, Welfare, Fitness and the Alternative Health industries, Jacinta has all relevant qualifications and experience to cater for all aspects of self, and all age groups accordingly. Apart from being a Qualified School Teacher and Personal Trainer, a Psychic Medium and Trance Channel, Jacinta has studied a range of healing techniques, including Shamanism, Geomancy, Medical Intuition, Usui Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, and the Melchizedek Method. Be mindful that being a Psychic doesn't mean Jacinta is a fortune teller, what it does mean is that she has the ability to guide and empower you through past, present and possible future situations. Jacinta believes that our minds are incredibly powerful with the ability to manifest whatever we put our mind to. 

Do not hesitate to check out her blog and posts sections for extra guidance or feel free to get in touch and schedule your own personal consultation. Remember, in essence, we are the best healers of ourselves; sometimes we just need a little help!


Sending Love & Light out to ALL x

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